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Steering you in the right direction.

Driving school Breda specialises in teaching students how to drive in Tilburg and near surrounding cities. We approach each of our students in a personal and professional way, where we focus mainly on personal development. With our help you will become a capable and confident driver.

Start with driving lessons in Breda

Starting with driving lessons will make it possible to learn a lot of different skills. Your goal is to get your driving license and become a capable driver. If you want to reach this you will need a good instructor. We focus on the student and their personal development.

Interested in the driving school Breda experience? Then be sure to use our special offer, which includes a trail lesson. After this lesson plan we are able to create a lesson plan that’s suited for you.

Providing affordable driving lessons to our students is one of our key strengths. Goirle, Gilze, Dongen and Rijen are just some of the many areas in which we operate. Interested in our services and want to know more? Then be sure to use the contact button below.

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Why you should choose for driving school Breda

Driving school Breda aims to provide you with the best possible guidance to obtain that highly desired pink card. We offer high quality and affordable lessons which will steer you in the right direction. We will focus on areas in which we notice that there is room for improvement. We will make sure that you are ready to face the final exam with confidence.

If you want to obtain your driver’s license in a short period of time, then the speed course package is the perfect way. With this package we will help you to make sure you are ready for your final exam. All of this in a span of 10 working days. We are also able to offer lessons in the evening or weekend with no extra costs.

Driver’s license Breda speed course

We offer a special speed course package for the talented driver, which will help them in getting thier driver’s license as fast as possible. The speed course package helps you with obtaining your driving license within 10 working days. In this short period of time, we will provide high-quality driving lessons which will make you ready for the exam.

If you want to start the speed course, you have to be in possession of a theory certificate. If you have this ,we can request a health certificate from the CBR and afterwards we can start planning your practical exam. Together , we will plan driving lessons till the date of the exam. Succesfully passed the exam? Then its time to get on the road!

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Different driving schools in Breda

In Breda, you can find many driving schools and students. Students interested for these driving schools can feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice they have. Most of the times these students will choose for the most affordable driving school. If you do this however, it will cost you in terms of overall quality. It’s also very important that you feel comfortable with your driving instructor during the driving lessons.

The trusted team of driving school Breda will help you in getting your driver’s license. Are you not yet convinced of our offered service? Then make sure to take a look at our special trial package which consists of 2 lessons for only 50 euro.

Follow a trial lesson at Driving School Breda

During our trail lesson, you will get the opportunity to meet your driving instructor. Depending on your skills, we’re going to make a plan of approach that suits your needs. After the trail lessons, we’ll make estimation of the amount of lessons you are probably going to need.

Packages and prices

What are the costs for getting your license in Breda? We think it’s important that getting a drivers license is accesible to everyone. Thats why we offer many different packages and you’re able to pay in installments. You can combine the packages or buy (extra) lessons for € 37,50,- per lesson.

Special deal

only €27,- per lesson!

*Can only use once!

11 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No lang waiting lines

Picked up and dropped off at home

€ 412,50

€ 299,-

Package A

Only €36,- per lesson!


10 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No lang waiting lines

Picked up and dropped off at home

€ 375,-

€ 360,-

Package B

€ 50,- discount!

Including practical exam

20 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting lines

Picked up and dropped off at home

€ 990,-

€ 940,-

Package C

€190,- Discount!

Including intermittent exam

Including practical exam

40 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting lists

Picked up and dropped off at home

€ 1.940,-

€ 1.750,-

Speed course

Get your driver’s license within 10 working days

Fast back to back lessons

Including practical exam

38 Lessons (50 min)

Fixed driving instructor

No long waiting lists

Picked up and dropped off at home

€ 1.865,-

€ 1.695,-

Sharp prices

Cheaper additional lessons!
Intermittent exam CBR €200,-
Practical exam CBR €240,-
Practical exam BNOR €240,-
Practical exam performance anxiety €300,-
single lesson / 50 min. €42,00
health declaration € 37,80
theory book Vekabest €49,-
Theory book English €33,50-
theory book + 15 internet exam training €78,50-

Driving lessons in Breda

Breda is one of the larger city’s that is located in the province of Noord-Brabant. Breda is surrounded by many smaller villages and cities.

The area is well-connected with several surrounding areas, which makes it perfect for following driving lessons. Driving school in Breda will not only practice with you in Breda, but we will also make sure of practicing in surrounding villages and highways. By doing this we will make sure that you will experience different traffic situations which will help you in becoming a more competent driver.

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